Sex Stories Part 2 (Chemistry)

Sex Stories


sex storiesSex Stories Part 2 (Chemistry)


It wasn’t like I was new to sex, I was just new to this sex with actual chemistry. I wasn’t even looking for it. But there he was. The first time he kissed me I thought, what the fuck was that. Was he in a hurry? Did he not know how to kiss? What was going on? But somewhere in all the weirdness, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted more.

I grabbed his face between my hands and said slow down. And then I kissed him. Slow. I let my tongue enter his mouth and explore just a little. I could feel his body relax. And then it happened. The world, I’m pretty sure, stopped spinning. And the only two people that were moving were him and I. At that moment, nothing else mattered.

I couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough. The button on his pants almost seemed impossible. I had never in my life wanted someone so much. He wasn’t even someone I would normally be attracted to. To look at, yes but personality, no. High maintenance, complete extrovert with no filter mama’s boy. And me, the complete opposite. An introvert that can do almost anything but won’t because my shy side won’t let me.

But there I was, ripping off his clothes like a crazy lady wanting everything and anything he had to offer. He kissed me again, this time with more passion and eagerness than I had ever left.  I could tell he wasn’t quite used to my response. As I pulled his pants off, he asked if I would put his penis in my mouth. This was not something I overly cared to do. But in this moment, I wanted to please him.

I kissed him again. And then I kissed his neck, and his chest. I worked my tongue all the way down his abs until I found his very erect penis. I took a deep breathe in and put him in my mouth slowly. My hands began to wander all over him, I slowly brought my mouth up and down his penis. I could feel his whole body react.

His back arched slightly, his breathing got a little heavier. There was a slight groan from his lips. All I wanted to do was suck on his dick. I couldn’t stop. The feeling of giving him such pleasure was turning me on. I could feel his hands on my head. His fingers in my hair. His moans were loud. He wanted me to stop. I wanted him to finish.

As he pulled me off, his hands fumbling to remove my clothes, he whispered, I want you on stories

I couldn’t remove my pants fast enough. My shirt was unbuttoned but there was no time to remove it. I kissed his neck and then his ear. My breathing had completely changed. It was heavy with a slight stutter to it. I wanted all of him. This feeling was completely new to me. It had me terrified and so excited at the same time. I needed him inside me. As I sat on top of him my hands kept exploring every part of his body. This sort of chemistry doesn’t just happen with anyone.

And in reality I would never have expected it from him. I’m not even his type. I’m low maintenance, quiet, self sufficient kinda of girl. I have zero trust in love and relationships and managed to build a pretty tall wall around my heart. But there I was, ready for anything he wanted. Craving his penis. Wanting it, needing it.

As I got on top and let him inside me, every worry, negative thought and bad memory left my soul. All I wanted was more. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted this moment to last forever. As we both reached that final moment, it was like a sky full of fireworks going off. I didn’t even believe sex like this was possible. All I could think, was I need to do that again. And then maybe again. He felt the same way. So again and again we let the world stop spinning…….to be continued.