What is Mutual Masturbation in 2022?


what is mutual masturbation

What is Mutual Masturbation & Should You Try Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation seems to be one of those things no one talks about with others. Some might talk with their friends, or certain family members about having sex or some of their sexual experiences they have had. But when it comes to talking about masturbation it seems like people like to keep that a bit more private. It’s up to you if you feel like talking about it with someone else. If you are up for talking about it, you should try talking to your partner about mutual masturbation. What is mutual masturbation you ask? Well first lets talk about masturbation and the difference between male and female masturbation.

The difference between male and female masturbation and the toys you need for self-pleasure differ. There is one obvious difference in the way that most men and women masturbate… men do it far more often.
A survey by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior found that while 25% of men jerk off every day, only 8.7% of women do. Globally a third of women (30%) never masturbate at all, while 14% of men say they don’t masturbate, another study found. Other differences is the movement it takes to masturbate to have an orgasms.

Masturbating the Vagina!

To keep it simple, especially for those who have never masturbated before. Here is a simple step by step guide for you to masturbate the vagina. First you’ll wanna be somewhere you’remutual masturbation comfortable, like your bedroom or the bathtub. It’s best to lay back and stay relaxed. Next you will want to take your hand and slowly start rubbing the outside of the vagina. You can softly rub up down side to side or even all around just do it in a way that makes you feel like you on top of the world.

Once you have started feeling relaxed and comfortable with what you are already doing. It can be time to take the next step and try inserting a finger or two just take it slow so you enjoy yourself and stay relaxed & comfortable. Try ribbing your clitoris with a little lube.

Use enough pressure for it to feel good. If using your hand isn’t what you would like to do and you would like to use an object like a dildo or vibrator we do recommend starting with something easy and small. Honestly, try something that doesn’t vibrate since that could become a little over whelming for someone’s first time. The more you rub and stroke your clitoris, the better it will feel.

Masturbating the Penis!

For most guys they know what masturbation is at a young age. Usually this is because men are more open about it around others. A lot of men like to make jokes about it and young ones might hear it and become more interested in it. So to keep it short and simple for how to masturbate the penis lets get started. Just like masturbating the vagina it is best to do it somewhere you’re relaxed and comfortable. Slowly start stroking the penis until gets hard. It is recommended you use a sexy image or video that arouses you so you get hard quicker.

Once aroused and hard from stroking the penis you may want to add some lotion or lube. This will make it make easier to slide your hand up and down your hard shaft. If you have already been masturbating and would like to try some new things. We recommended trying a pocket pussy or fleshlight.

The Answer to What is Mutual Masturbation

There are two kinds of mutual masturbation. The first kind is when your partner and yourself masturbate while watching each other. This way is great way to learn about your partner and how they make themselves feel good. While watching your partner masturbate you can see what part of there privates they enjoy having rubbed and pleased.

The other or second kind is when you pleasure your partner and they do the same to you. When you and your partner both agree to having mutual masturbation like this, it can help get you in tune with one another. This is because you’ll be able to get each other off.  Either way you choose to do it both can benefit you and your partner and the best thing is you’re safe from STIs.

Positions to Consider Things with Masturbation Mutual Sexual Activates.

1. Gazing into each others eyes.

mutual masturbationThis is easiest done when facing each other and self masturbating. It can also be done while pleasuring each other. All you have to do is stare into each other eyes while making yourself or each other pleasured with sexual touches.

2. The Trusty Sixty-9

For anyone that has been sexually active for some time now, they would know what the 69 position is. For those who don’t, lets explain. It is quite simple to do. You and your partner lay head to toe from each other and then give each other sexual pleasure whether it be from their hands or mouth or whatever else fun & safe idea you or your partner can think of!

3. Bring the Toys

For those that have already used sex toys this might be a great way to spice things up in your relationship. You could each pleasure yourselves with your own sex toys while gazing into each others eyes. Adult toys can be a great way to help increase orgasms and make pleasuring your partner a little bit easier.

If you would like to read an acrticle about sex swing positions click here.


Definition of mutual masturbation:

Two individuals simultaneously pleasure one another by touching each others penis or vagina. This can be done with two penis or two vaginas and even one of each the choice is yours.

It doesn’t really matter how you masturbate, as long as you are enjoying it. Doing it together can be fun and exciting. Couples can become closer and learn so much about each other with mutual masturbation. Getting started can make you a little nervous, but the end results will be completely worth it. So set the mood and give it a try! You’re going to love it.

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