The Magical Rare Sex Unicorn 2022


Threes a Crowd? Not if Youre a Unicornrare unicorn


If you thought unicorns only existed in fantasy novels and fairytales, think again. A ‘unicorn’ is a euphemism for a threesome. Couples inviting a third party into their bedroom and sometimes a relationship is a growing trend in swingers’ circles. According to a study by sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller, 87% of women and 95% of men said they had fantasized about sex with multiple partners. But turning fantasy into reality isn’t always easy. Unless there‘s an app for it.


Getting Your Mind Right is Tinder for swingers. Whatever your proclivity, on Feeld opens the field of dating to couples, singles,2 girls in bed gays, bisexuals and people who just want to have a good time without any labels at all. Sort of like a unicorn dating sites.


It’s hardly surprising that most unicorns happen to be female. For many men, the concept of being with two women simultaneously is usually confined to secret porn sessions while navigating the socially accepted boundaries of a conventional heterosexual relationship. When that gets boring, gettin’ ya freak on through sites like seems like the logical way to go, providing the female partner is into the idea. And so finding a unicorn begins.

But what about the unicorn, what’s in it for them? Sex with couples, of course. With two people of different genders is part of the attraction but beyond that, it’s not as if they can be added to a couple’s health insurance. Are they destined to a life bouncing around from one couple to another or are they freelancing as a unicorn, being in a steady relationship themselves? Maybe they have a side unicorn too? And what if you start to fall for your unicorn? Before we set our brains on fire with mathematical permutations, here’s what people who had been in unicorn relationships had to say about the experience.


“I wanted to be in more contact than she did,” said Annie, a wife in a Unicorn relationship featured in Playboy, who started to fall hard for the woman she and her husband brought in to liven up their marriage. “I think that’s the nature of being with a third who has to set boundaries with a married couple. But it was harder for me. I wanted more attention from her after sex.”


Annie continued: “Our unicorn was experimenting with multiple couples, working a full-time job, maintaining friendships, and dating men. I had never seen a woman own her sex life like that before.”


A woman who penned a personal essay in Medium liked the low-pressure stakes of being the unicorn in a threesome:


“I love to please, especially in bed,” she said. “But in threesome scenarios, I don’t have the same anxiety I do with a new partner. I know that there are two other people involved, and it helps to spread out the ‘responsibilities’ a bit if you will.”


A Gameplan 


2 girls unicornOk, so we’ve looked at some psychological aspects of being a unicorn, but what about the physical, the logistics? Assuming the unicorn is a bisexual woman, which they usually are, who does what? What goes where? Surely there’s a lot of stumbling and fumbling? It’s foolish to think that as a porn film, it’s as choreographed as a synchronized swim team at the Olympics.


“As a bisexual woman, I have spent much more time in bed with men than I have with women,” the author of the article in Medium wrote. “I love dick, but I also love pussy — what can I say? They’re both great. And in a threesome, I get to eat pussy and get fucked, sometimes at the same time. No complaints here!”


At the risk of sounding like a tactics session before a soccer game many swingers’ sites suggest getting the logistics out of the way before stepping onto the playing field, so to speak. Who likes what? Who wants to be dominant? How high is the kink factor? Is the woman in the relationship bi-sexual too? Is this all a favor for her man or is she open to some girl-on-girl action? Is she curious but never experienced it before? What are everyone’s kinks and fetishes? Having a chat beforehand could eliminate embarrassment or disappointment in the boudoir. Talking about sex could even heighten the pleasure.


Toys for Unicorn Fun


If everyone’s a bit nervous about their menage-a-trois, the good news is that there are plenty of sex toys to add some spice to the proceedings.


Here are a few ideas:


Dildos — Why settle for one dick when you can have two? Strapping up can be twice the fun for one woman and a whole new experience for another.


Nipple Clamps — If you love to have your nipples pinched a set of nipple clamps can give you an amazing endorphin rush while your playmates go to work down below. Wow!


Butt Vibrator — If you’re shy about someone touching your anus, a butt vibrator might (ahem), loosen you up a bit, while giving you a cascade of sensations you never knew existed.


G-Spot Massager — If your partners are unsure where your G-spot is or how to massage it, this elegant plaything will get the party started right.


Fetish Fantasy Passion Kit — If you’re ready to go all-in and jump over to the freaky side, this starters kit will get you and your partners’ motors revving. Included are a Feather Tickler, Satin Love Mask, Furry Cuffs, and Pasties. Making an entrance with these bad boys will take your friends’ hormones from zero to 60 in about 5 seconds.


Happy Menaging!

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