Master 5 Sex Swing Positions

Sex Swing Positions

sex swingMost people that have never seen or even heard about a sex swing before, most likely think they look like something what you would find on a playground for kids. But they are a bit more complex then that. Although to use a sex swing is similar to what you’d find on a play ground, in the privacy of your home for sex could still be considered a sex swing. But for most that know what they are, they know having a good swing set has some extra option like hand and feet holders that make it much easier to get into different positions.

With that said a sex swing can be anything that can lift your partner and you off the ground to try new positions or even make positions you already do slightly different or even easier. Swings can be made from different materials such as rope, chains, leather, fiber, fabrics, and any other material that can support ones body weight. There are lots of different materials to pick from and try so talk with your partner to spice up your sex life with different sex swing positions.

We talked about different materials but there is also different styles of swings. Traditional sex swings consist of 2 straps and stirrups and can have some addon’s such as handles and headrest. Body sex swings have more of a full vest you strap yourself too that has handles and leg straps. There’s also door swings & sex slings as well. Door swings simply go over door frames and are quite simple to install while Sex slings have some what of a hammock style behind them and can really limit the number of sex swing positions you can do.

There is also the Yoga Sex Swing. A little more complicated but completely worth it.

The Yoga Sex Swing improves flexibility, increases stamina, builds core muscles and gets you in shape for satisfying sex. Now, ordinary couples can use yoga to perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse! Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies. Try new sexual positions that would normally require tremendous exertion and skill, and execute them with ease! You and your lover will be amazed how easy it really is to find the optimum angle to achieve deep penetration with minimal exertion.

Sex in these challenging positions has never felt so good and never been so effortless! For the ultimate comfort and enjoyment, swing into action and let your imagination run wild! You will also need to know how to hang a sex swing!

What are the Best Sex Swing Positions?

Did Someone Say Cowgirl? The Swinging Cowgirl:sex swing

The classic cowgirl position can be done on a sex swing and its easier to do then if you were on a bed! If you know the position already then give it a try but for those who don’t know, here’s what you do. Have your partner sit on the swing while you climb on top of them while facing them and use the line supporting the sex swing up to give you leverage and something to hold onto. Then ride away.

No Need to be on all 4 Anymore! The Hanging Doggy Style:

sex swingOne of the most known positions is the doggy style. Now picture that while your partner is hanging from the ceiling or door frame. This sex swing position makes doggy style so much easier because you can set the swing to the perfect height for your partner and you. You definitely hit all the right spots in this position.

Is a 6 Really just a upside down 9? The Floating 69:

Fan of the 69 positions where you give each other head? Then try the Floating 69 with a swing. Have your partner or you lay on the straps of the swing and then have the partner stand over your head and start giving each other some of the best oral you can give.

Long Live the Queen! The Simple Queening:

Sex swing positions to really make her orgasm like she has never before are ones like queening. What is it you ask? It gives riding the stash a whole new meaning. Have your partner use the swing to lay facing up words on while you sit on their face. What makes this such an amazing position is you can use the swing for more leverage to get the best angle for maximum orgasms.

Keep it Simple Sometimes! The Reclining Missionary:

Really not much to say here everyone knows the missionary position. So to keep it short and simple just have your partner lay back and presume the position for you to get between their legs.

Using a new sex swing can be extremely exciting and worth trying.

The Top Sex Swings you can Buy for the Sex Swing Positions Ideas:

Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing Black:

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Turn an ordinary door in your home into a love swing in just minutes with this incredible Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing. Enjoy positions you never thought were possible and do it all with ease, thanks to the padded seat cradle, comfortable stirrups and perfectly placed leverage handles. The deluxe swing requires no permanent installation or expensive tools and holds up to 300 pounds.

Using two heavy duty metal tubes to hang the swing from, the swings fits in your door jamb, between the frame and the door itself. The heavy duty nylon support straps feature cross-stitching and are fully adjustable, allowing you to explore a variety of positions. Sit down on the padded seat, place your feet in the stirrups, and enjoy a wild ride!

Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing Black Ceiling Mount:

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Swing into difficult sexual positions you never imagined with the world’s first ever Yoga Sex Swing. With the aid of the Yoga Sex Swing, you can defy the laws of gravity and enjoy sexual positions you never thought were possible, without special strength, balance or agility. The versatile swing allows you to move into a range of yoga positions both in the horizontal and vertical planes, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body required for amazing sex.

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling:

Have incredible sex anywhere you have a door. This comfortable Door Jam Sex Sling from Sportsheets will fit on just about any door jam and turn it into your very own sexual jungle gym. The Door Jam Sex Sling is incredibly comfortable for the person who is in the sling but it is also very versatile. Once your lover is in the swing, their feet will easily slip into the foot support straps and you will both be treated with the ultimate leverage for maximum thrust!

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing Black:

sex swing

Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted. Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined—and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse!

Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this incredible Spinning Fantasy Swing. Perfect for lovers of different sizes, the Spinning Fantasy Swing easily adjusts to any height or angle, saving you from contorting your body in uncomfortable positions that interfere with each other’s arousal.

Lux Fetish Fantasy Swing Black:

Swing into action and discover angles you never thought possible with this versatile, thrilling sex apparatus from Lux Fetish. Turns any standard door into a sex swing in mere minutes. Fully adjustable with an industrial grade steel spring, and reinforced stirrups that provide maximum support. Make sure to carefully follow all printed instructions, and have fun!



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