Kickass Sleek Glass Dildos 2022


Glass Dildos


glass dildoWhat do you know about these sleek sexy phallic toys? The first thing I notice about a glass dildo is how pretty they are. Smooth, shiny and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I know when I see one, I just need to touch it. Run my fingers along its sleek curves or ribbed nubs. I just can’t help myself.

I especially like the ones with some color. It just adds to their beauty. The ones with the swirls on them make me want to run my tongue along the swirl starting from the bottom, all the way to the top. These insanely pleasuring wands immediately have me thinking dirty thoughts. So what is so great about a glass dildo?

First Time Glass User?

First of all, if you are going to try a glass dildo, know that you should take a little time starting out. Use a good quality lube and start by slowly inserting the toy. Whether you use it for your vagina or anus, taking you time until you know the product better is important. Knowing how its going to feel going inside your body should not be a rushed venture. Glass dildos are not pliable like a silicone or rubber dildo so get the feel of it before you get crazy.

Best Part About Glass

The pros cons of a glass dildo…..wait, I haven’t discovered a con yet. One of the great things about a glass dildo is they can be shaped and molded to hit that perfect spot. Without being able to bend, a glass dildo can find that g-spot or p-spot and not lose momentum. If you have one that is textured, you can count on a whole new kind of sensations. The pressure and feeling from a glass dildo will open you up to a different world of sex toys. One that is classy and orgasmic! And it’s going to look sexy as hell going in and out of you.

Temperature Play

Once you have the hang of your dildo, you can start playing with temperature. Try placing it in the freezer for a short time before use. See how your sexy bits react to the extra cold. Run it along your nipples before getting to the hole of choice. Then switch it up and add some heat. Run it under some hot water prior to sexy time. Create different sensations with your glass and see which one you like best. I know some people have put their toys in the microwave but I actually do not recommend this. In fact, I do not recommend any sex toy in the microwave.

Sizes and Shapes

I love the different shapes and sizes and textures glass dildos come in. There are double ended ones to so you get more bang for your buck. Literally. There’s small ones with nubs ready to hit that g-spot. Larger ones with just the right curve and a little extra swirl ready to find all the good spots. And for anyone wanting to be “organic”, there are glass bananas and glass corn. At least you will get your full dose of fruits and veggies!


Because a glass dildo is non-porous, you can use any kind of lube you want. If you are trying a glass anal plug, a silicone based lubricant is still the best. Silicone based lubes have a thicker texture and the longevity needed for anal play. As for all other playtime, any lube will work with glass. So go ahead and try that warming lube or that flavored one you’ve been thinking about. Clean up is super easy.

The Clean Up

I think one of the greatest things about a glass dildo is the fact that they are non-porous. As said by an actually glass dildo maker “glass is extremely hygienic.” This means clean up is so simple and easy. Give it a good wash with soap and water or some toy cleaner.  Better yet, you can actually put them in your dishwasher if you want. There are no nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. Give it a quick dry and put it away for your next playdate.


Unlike your regular dildos and vibrators, a glass dildo can be kept for nearly a lifetime. Because, yes you need to eventually retire your silicone and rubber vibrators. They won’t stay good forever.  As for glass, it stays good forever. As long as it hasn’t been dropped on hard surfaces and cracked or chipped, you can keep that sleek pleasure toy for many many years.

Displaying Art

Because the glass dildo is hand-crafted, smooth, sleek and beautiful, you can get away with displaying them in your room without people asking questions. They can be exhibited as pieces of art and nobody will know the difference. So try something new. Add a little piece of glass to your toy collection and see how it stands up to the rest of your toys. Play with the sensations and just enjoy the new experience. Just don’t forget the lube.

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