Debunking Sex Myths in 2022


Debunking Sex Myths in 2022

 Did you know about these Sex Myths?

Debunking Sex Myths in 2022


The rapid increase of social media like Facebook and Instagram probably have you learning about some frightening myths. These myths could be causing you to miss out on some amazing pleasurable things you could be doing with yourself and with your partner. We are sure you and your partner would love some extra high end quality pleasure in the bed room. So lets debunk some well known sex myths that get spread around the world.

💦 Squirt Squirt! No its not pee & its Super Sexy

The vagina squirting is a common known thing. But what have you been told about it? Most likely you’ve been told the myth that its pee and you don’t want that. If so then sorry but that’s incorrect. And in fact, squirting or also known as female ejaculation has different compositions then pee. The fluid that comes from spurting is mainly produced by the prostata femina or what is commonly know as the G-Spot. This first sex myth is debunked and we strongly recommend getting in tune with your partner and hitting their G-Spot to make them squirt like never before. MYTH DEBUNKED

🍑 Single People & Sex Toys only. No No for Everyone

With memes and viral videos of other trying to say only single people use sex toys and only single people have a need to masturbate is incorrect. And you have been miss guided by that. Everyone and anyone over the age of 18 can and should own a sex toy. Weather your in a committed relationship or single and ready to mingle. When your single sex toys are amazing way to bring you to orgasm and will for sure bring you the pleasure your looking for. When in a relationship sex toys can be a great way to truly understand your spouses needs and wants since it will give you the ability to see their every movement. MYTH DEBUNKED

🍆 The Bigger the Better ! Sex Myths like this Debunked

This one is probably one of the most common myth about sex and that is the bigger the dong the better the orgasm. Too big could just cause discomfort to some and even pain and that won’t bring you to orgasm even if your into the kinky stuff. Everyone does have their limits at some point. So, although one might like it much bigger then the other and may even like some of the pain it brings them, it doesn’t mean going any bigger is going to help them orgasm any better or faster. Not everyone buys the biggest toy in the sex shop. This is because they get what they think will be the most comfortable and appropriate size to bring the to maximum climax. MYTH DEBUNKED

🧴The Myths about Numbing Creams. Take things Slow.

If you know what numbing cream is, that probably means you have tried it. Whether it be for oral or anal sex then we hope you used it safely. Numbing cream sounds great and all, like who wouldn’t want no feeling their first time trying anal, but in fact it could be more dangerous then you think. Using products like these can make you go a little to rough and cause some problems. You will want to start slowly when trying anything new with sex whether it be oral, vaginal, or anal to not tear anything or cause any discomfort. Using numbing creams can make the potential discomfort go away when its still active but once it wears off you could be in a lot more pain then you thought. There are lots of sexual enhancers that can help numb the feeling but use with caution and take things slow. MYTH DEBUNKED


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