Clean Your Sex Toys after a Staycation


clean your sex toys

Clean Your Sex Toys

strawberries and chocolateSo you and you lover make the plan to just stay home and give each other the love and attention you both deserve. A mini staycation. You plan to turn the phones off and stock the fridge with power drinks and tasty sexy foods like strawberries and chocolates. You get out your amazing collection of toys from dildos to pocket pussies lay in bed and have the weekend of your lives.

But what do you do when your toys get all dirty and covered in the chocolate sauce your brought to the bed. Well today we will explain how to take care and clean your sex toys so when you and your lover make plans to screw each other brains out again, you will know what to do with your toys after.

Do all sex toys need to be cleaned? YES!

Any kind of sex toy can and should be clean after each use. Cleaning your sex toys is an important after math of you and your partners well doing in the bedroom. You wouldn’t want to usesex toys a dirty plate from the kitchen to eat off of so don’t use dirty sex toys. Its just not safe

No matter the material the toy is made from it needs to be cleaned. The most robust toys are made from silicone, glass and steel and will require the least amount of effort to clean. While toys that vibrate or have moving parts and or are not waterproof will take more care and effort to maintain there cleanness.

Clean Your Sex Toys in the Washing Machine or Dishwasher?

The dishwash can be used but be warned! Any toy that is waterproof (not water resistant) can go in the dishwasher but may cause some damages to the toy depending on the material it is made from. Most and we mean pretty much all dishwasher soap is bad for your toys and can degrade them so we highly recommend not using any soap. Look for the dishwasher safe instructions on the packaging.

The washing machine, uhm no, we really don’t recommend this. We understand one might think putting it on gentle mode might be ok but the washing machine will most likely still be to harsh on your sex toy.

So what is the best way to clean your sex toys?

There really is just one best way to clean your toys because different toys require and little bit different way to be cleaned. Simple toys made from glass, steel, and pure/medical grade silicone with no extras to them. Like parts that vibrate or spin with be the most simple to clean. Since these kind of toys don’t require battery’s you won’t have to worry about water or cleaning supplies damaging them.

foam cleanerSo if you have some basic toys that need a cleaning you can use some warm or hot water with some foam Jo Toy Cleaner and it come in travel sizes. If your not a fan of foam cleaner for your toys you can pick up a simple spray that you use after a light hand wash with warm or hot water like We-Vibe cleaning spray. Its simple to use and will come with directions on how to use.

If you have sex toys that have extra parts and or vibrating or moving parts we do recommend checking with the owners manual of the toy incase that toy is sensitive to some cleaners. Cleaning your sex toys that require battery’s will take some more time and we highly recommend removing the battery’s before cleaning.

The bottom line is, always always clean your sex toys after using. Never put them away dirty. Let them air dry properly before putting them away. And take care of your toys. The better care you take the better longevity your toys will have.

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