Best Sex Toys for Women and Orgasms 2022


Best Sex Toys For Women

Now that we have gone over beginner vibrators, we should talk about the next level in sex toys. If you can have a great orgasm with a bullet vibrator, why would you need anything different? The simple answer is different vibratorsorgasm do different things. You might want a steady speed of vibration to achieve an orgasm. Or maybe you crave a pulsating vibration to bring you to ecstasy. Whatever your orgasm needs are, there is a huge selection and variety to choose from. So what is the best sex toy for women?

Rabbit Vibrators

Lets talk about the most popular and extremely satisfying rabbit vibrator. These sexy bad boys penetrate and stimulate your clit at the same time. Its pretty much heaven in one little alluring contraption. Ok, it doesn’t have to be little. You can pick the length you want and the girth you like. Then there is the thrusting speed and the clit vibration speed, you basically program your perfect orgasm. Seriously, if you can’t have the real thing, this is the next best thing. Or maybe its just the best thing. Let’s be realistic. A rabbit vibrator won’t disappoint. Always hard, always foreplay and always ready to go.


Alright, now moving on to the forever timeless, never disappointing dildo. Even thought its not quite at electrifying as the vibrator, it’s still immensely satisfying. Sometimes you just need to be penetrated while masturbating. Maybe you want to try double penetration. Or do you just like the feel of a penis going in and out of you. You pick the speed, the pace and the duration. The best part about a dildo is you get to choose. Fat ones, skinny ones, long ones, short ones and any combination you desire. You can fill your hole with the perfectly picked penis!

Clit Suckers Alone

Now if you are not all about penetration, my third favorite sex toy is the clit suckers. These creative little hand held devices are better than a cell phone. They will suck, flick, swirl and lick until your toes curl. The best part about these beautiful little devices is they can be multi purpose. You can use them completely alone. Have a fun filled afternoon with a little wine and the house to yourself. Play a little music and then cum like never before. Just make sure you give yourself a good 30 to 60 minutes after use to recover. You definitely are not answering the front door or driving after using one of these majestic masturbators.

Clit Sucker with Partner

best sex toys for women 2022Now here is the other thing you can do with these marvelous hand helds. While your partner is taking you from behind or from the side, you can place that clit sucker right where you need it. Heaven awaits after this. There is no going back, no stopping what will happen. The out of body experience orgasm you will have is better than a banana split sundae with extra whipped cream and sprinkles on a hot July afternoon. And there is no coming back from that. I would recommend a good 60 to 90 minutes recovery. He can go make the after sex snack.


Nipple Clamps

Using any of these sex toys will get you what need. A fantastic orgasm that will leave you satisfied. But for myself, I like to add a few extras for that over the top experience.  My favorite is a set of nipple clamps. Whether you use them alone or let your partner have control, you are guaranteed to add that extra pleasure. The right pinching and tweaking during sex just adds to the increase of pure ecstasy. They are a great way to start foreplay and a most fabulous way to make your nipples the center of attention.

Butt Plugs

Another favorite ad-on is the beautiful butt plug. I know not everyone will agree and a lot will not even want to talk about them. But if you haven’t tried one, you really should. The sensations that happen with a butt plug are out of this world. Using a butt plug during vaginal penetration heightens a whole new level of orgasm. There are so many different sizes to choose from.

Starting with a small one with lots of lube is the best way. Once you realize the potential a butt plug has, you can move on to a bigger one or even a vibrating butt plug. The vibrating butt plug will have you begging for more. There are orgasms and then there are earth shattering orgasms. Give a butt plug a try. You won’t be disappointed.

The best part about sex toys is that they can be used alone or with your partner. There’s no rule on when you can use them or for how long. Picking the right toy can be a little time consuming so I suggest trying at least three different ones. You will find a favorite but there is always excitement trying new ones. Having new ways to orgasm keep sex spicy and enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to try new toys. No matter which toy you decide on, always make sure you have some special lube. Making things slippery always makes things more fun. And isn’t that the point of sex, FUN!

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