Anal Sex Safe or Not?

Anal Sex Safe or Not?

What it is & Who is doing it

anal sex Most people think anal sex is when the penis is inserted into the anus but that is not entirely true. Anal sex can consist of using adult toys such as butt plugs, vibrators and dildos and even other things as one chooses to do so. Also using fingers, hands, or even your tongue is considered to be a form of anal sex. It is good to know more about how to use butt plugs.

Since so many think anal sex is only when a penis is inserted in an anus, a lot of people think it is unsafe to do. Anal sex just requires some prep work and pre planning before engaging in. We do highly recommend discussing with your partner prior to having anal sex. Surprise anal sex can be uncomfortable and possibly painful.

Making sure your partner is in agreement and aware of what is going to happen is very important. Having your partner relaxed and comfortable will make anal sex much more enjoyable for both parties. Being safe during any kind of sex should be a top priority.

According to studies they have shown a increase in anal sex between the ages of 18-45. With 36 percent of women and 44 percent of men reporting that they’ve engaged in anal sex at least once in their life. The increase in anal sex may start to have the taboo around it fade away.

Before Engaging in Anal Sex

Safety, safety, safety will always be number 1 priority. With that being said, lets talk about what you need to do to besafe sex safe with anal sex. It is important to make sure you and you partner are both prepared to engage in such play before getting intimate with your partner. This allows your partner and yourself to be much more relaxed and will give you a much more enjoyable moment.

What to keep in mind before anal sex. The anus has more sensitive tissue inside then the vagina does. So it is very important to use proper lubes. This will help decrease the risk of harming any tissues in the anus. But just using lube isn’t always enough, we must remember to stay relaxed and take things slowly at first. Staying relaxed helps keep the muscle from tensing up and making it uncomfortable.

Both the vagina and the anus have bacteria in them and it is very important to wash yourself after having any sort of intercourse. It is best practice to use a condom when having sex and or anal sex. If you do plan to have both vaginal and anal sex we highly recommend vaginal first then anal. If going back to the vagina after anal sex, either change condoms or thoroughly wash yourself before doing so.

Normal Questions that get asked

anal sexThe biggest question asked is, “will it hurt?”. The answer to that can depend on a few factors, but for your first time, expect a small amount discomfort. But I’m sure with almost anything new we try, whether sexual in nature or not, it can cause some sort of discomfort in one way or another. The best way to avoid any serious discomfort is to start slow and only use 1 finger or maybe a small sex toy until your comfortable with the sensation anal sex can give you.

Other questions asked is “does it affect my pooping ability or will I bleed?”. When it comes to pooping,  anal sex will not prevent you from having to poop. Most likely, after your sexual encounter you will have to poop. For our bleeding question, it is normal to bleed when first experimenting with anal sex your first few times. If bleeding continues after trying a few times it could be a sign of too rough of play or another medical concern that you will want to discuss with your doctor.

Other medical concerns to consider before trying anal sex. Transmitting STI, Hemorrhoids, Colon perforation. We recommend doing research on these other medical concerns with your partner before hand.

YES You Will Orgasm!

The anus is a sensitive area of the body. For most people even a small amount of sexual play for the anus can haveanal sex huge sensation of stimulation to the entire body. When having anal sex for the first time don’t aim to have an orgasm. First learn the basics of anal sex and how its going to stimulate your body. You can also stimulate the clitoris during anal sex to heighten the pleasure and get you closer to orgasm. Once you are comfortable with the feeling anal sex gives you, you will have much more enhanced orgasms.

When your ready to try for your first time remember. Disuses with your partner first, its best to use a condom, be sure to have lube, lots of lube.  Lastly, take it slow so you and your partner can enjoy this experience together.

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