A Healthy Vagina 9 ways to help


A Healthy Vagina 9 ways to help!

Let’s talk about the importance of a healthy vagina. And tips and ideas to keep it healthy.

 Sleeping Naked

Yes that’s right, sleeping naked is one of the healthiest thing you can do for your vagina. Sleeping naked can alsovagina help with other things, like increased intimacy, better sleep and even help with skin care. Even if you have very breathable underwear on during the day, not having them on overnight will help your cookie breathe better.

Plus so many more benefits that don’t just stop there. Some new research suggests that that sleeping in cooler areas can be great for your health in many ways. Getting naked can be an amazing way to cool off or get a little “hot”. While being in the nude or your “birthday suit” some would say, can be incredibly liberating and empowering to ones confidence.

 Healthy Eating Habits

 Eating healthy and the right types of food can help your coochie stay healthily in many ways. But we must not forget to exercise as well. Because both eating healthy and exercising helps your entire body and not just your vagina. Some healthy foods include leafy greens to help decrease vaginal dryness, Apples can help with orgasms, Plant fats can give you better circulation and a much better sex drive. And of course, cranberries can help with UTIs.

 Safe Sex With Condoms

healthy vaginaThe use of condoms is the best and safest thing for vaginal health. Use protection like a condom, dental dam, or gloves is something you should already know to do even when in a committed relationship. This is to help protect natural vaginal bacteria. If choosing not to use protection (which is okay to do)  we highly recommend getting tested regularly for (STIs) sexually transmitted infections. This is so you know your vagina is staying in tip top shape for your health.

After you and a partner exchange genital fluids is always a good time to get tested. When going from anal sex to vaginal sex, an increase of infection may occur such as (UTIs) urinary tract infections. If you enjoy anal sex we highly recommend doing it after vaginal sex and with protection.

When is comes to picking the right protection for having a healthy vagina be sure you check protections ingredients. Brands made with spermicides aren’t very healthy for your vagina, since they are able to kill good bacteria along with killing sperms. We suggest using a form of birth control like the pill or the depo shot.

 Everyone Loves to use Sex Toys!

While we find ourselves using sex toys for pleasure, we do need to keep in mind the health & safety of using such toys. One of the most common questions we get asked, is what sex toys are safe for using. Well our response is, what your toys is made from plays a big role. Safe sex toy materials include wood, silicone, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, stone, and ABS plastic. But keep in mind the products need to be a pure and medical and or food grade materials. This does not include blended materials.

 PEE, Yes that’s Right Just PEE!

After having sex going pee will help reduce (UTI) urinary tract infection risks. This is because it will help remove unwanted bacteria out of the urethra. Also it will give you some time to clean up after sex before going back to cuddling with your partner. We want to remind you of some things peeing after sex will not help with, such as (STIs) sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

Bring back the Pubes

Back in the 1990 and early 2000s having pubes was very common. With todays changes that’s not the case! With 60% of women and 50% of men now shaving or waxing there pubic area regularly, they may want to consider how often they do so after learning somethings about having them.

Doing some trimming or removing pubic hair along your underwear line is still a good idea but shaving it all off isn’t necessary or practical. Here is why. Pubic hair has some purposes. Some purposes include avoiding unnecessary bacteria growth, and help eliminate friction and sweating in the pubic area.  Most will still like to shave or landscape so if you would like to continue doing so, it’s best use natural shaving creams & shaving gels.

 Just let it breath! Underwear

Just like sleeping naked to let it breath, having breathable underwear is a must as well when we talk about having a healthy vagina. Cotton underwear is the most common breathable underwear on todays market and organic cottonvagina is becoming more popular as well. Using the right kind of underwear will help keep moisture down in the private area so you won’t promote bacterial growth. Be sure to also change your underwear daily.

If you exercise or you happen to get your underwear wet from the rain or having spilled something or such, then it is recommended to change them as well. This small things with keeping your underwear clean, dry, and breathable will surly help you keep a healthy vagina.

 Using lube? Does that affect a Healthy vagina?

Yes, lube does affect your vagina! Certain lubes aren’t dangerous for you but they may not be the best for you either. Products that contain a related sugar like ingredient, yes sugar, the ingredient would be labeled as Glycerin. Glycerin can help promote bacteria growth, but mainly when not washed and cleaned properly after use. There are some other things so avoid or just make sure to take the extra steps into cleaning yourself after use. These others products include parabens, scents, flavors, nonnatural oils, and dyes. Just remember to clean properly and don’t use to excess, and you’ll help keep a healthy kitty.

 Maybe don’t Douche…

healthy vaginaLots of people have probably herd of douching and always wondered if it was worth in. We say no, its not worth it. Yes its nice to smell all fresh down there and feel like it couldn’t be cleaner but the fact is, its not that good for you at all and here’s why. Using a douche rinses out all the bacteria in the vagina. Both good and bad bacteria.

You need the good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria off, so there’s no need to douche it out. Since the coochie will do it by its self. So you may smell and feel clean shortly after using a douche but with some time you will cause more harm in the long run by getting rid of all your good bacteria.


All in all, the vagina is a self cleaning oven. But there is nothing wrong with taking a few extra steps to ensuring it always runs in tip top shape. Nobody wants a smally cooch. So take care of her and she will always be healthy. A healthy cookie is a very important part of a great sex life. And a great sex life is an important part of life. It’s a win win!


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