9 Classic Sex Positions


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Classic Sex positions

1. The most Classic of all Missionary Position

How its Done: The missionary is generally the most used sex position. It is when one partner lays down flat on their back and the other partner is on top while both facing each other. This position makes kissing and love nibbles easy. Once you are inside your partner, have her close her legs together. This makes your penis feels extra big and helps hit all the rights spots. Or add a pillow under her butt so hitting the g-spot is much easier.

2. The Simple Butterfly or a Modified Missionary

How it Done: Using the edge of a bed or countertop one patterner lays on there back with their buttocks slightly off the edge. Then have the other partner stand in-between the first partners legs so they can put them over their shoulders and begin thrusting. The butterfly position makes it possible to go as deep as you like. It also makes it possible to for your partner to use sex toys or play with themselves. And that’s just hot!!!

3. The We Pushing Tush Sex Position

How its Done: A simple way for this position to work is to start with a missionary position. Then when comfy doing that the partner laying on their back will gently lay their hands one ones partners buttocks. While proceeding to  spread the cheeks apart and start moving them up and down with opposite cheeks. We also call this anal yoga.

4. The Cowboy Favorite: Reverse Cowgirl

How its Done: Ever have someone ride you while they gaze upon your eyes? Its kind of like that, but instead in reverse! And you get to gaze upon their ass riding you, up and down. fast or slow. Just have your partner get on top of you with their buttocks facing you and let them ride you till you just can’t take anymore. They are going to have complete control over speed, depth and rhythm in this position. So lay back, watch that ass and enjoy.

5. The Big Spoon… Spooning

sex positionsHow its Done: Spooning is like cuddling but instead you do it naked! Its really simple and not a lot of work for either partner so it makes for a good sex position when just waking up. Just cuddle up to your partner, pick your hole and gently start thrusting until your both satisfied. This position also makes playing with her clit or his penis easy and accessible. Its a great way to start your day for that morning orgasm.

6. The Intimate Sit and Straddle

How its Done: Sometimes when you get out of the shower and your sitting on the edge of your bed and you get horny just let your partner climb on. While sitting upright have your partner climb on your lap facing you and let them control the motion of the ocean. The top partner will be able to control how soft or hard the thrust are and how fast the pace is and even the angle of the sex position.

7. The Most talked about: Doggy Style

How its Done: Probably the most know sex position besides the missionary position. It’s pretty self explained havesex position your partner be on their hands and knees while you penetrant them. You can be on your knees if your on the same level of surface as your partner. Or take advantage of having your partner on a elevated surface like a bed or couch and be standing up to give it to them doggy style. Which a good arch in your partners back, a little ass slapping and some hair pulling you have the perfect combo to O heaven.

8. The Easy Doggy Style or Flatiron

How its Done: Its pretty similar to doggy style but instead your partner won’t be on their hands and knees upright. The flatiron is when your partner lays down and has a pillow or two under their stomach it prop up the buttocks so you can give them pleasure from behind. This position is good for first time anal sex. You can have your partner relax and you can take it slow. Its also a fantastic position for anyone with a little smaller equipment. The slightly elevated pelvic area will give that extra large sensation. Its perfect for both people.

9. The Delightful Lotus Sex Position

sex positionsHow its Done: If you’ve ever been sitting up right in bed against the wall watching tv or reading a book then this one is for you. While sitting up right and having your legs straight out or crossed, the preference is yours, have your partner climb on top of you. If you are a little more flexible, you both can have your legs crossed in this position and then you both lean back on your hands. This puts a different angle on your pelvic areas and makes hitting the g-spot much easier. You will be in somewhat of a yoga position and it will become an overly delightful orgasm.


Any new position is fun to try. And anything that brings you closer to your partner is worth trying. So whether these are new ideas for you, or just a refresher on old moves keep the spice going. A healthy sex life makes for a happy life.


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