5 Ways to Spice Up your Sex Life

5 Ways to Spice Up your Sex Life


Fantastic consistent sex is for real; it all does not end with your favorite erotica or your wildest imaginations. The most exciting sex life you hope for can start to happen. When you discover the correct information, you end up finding the sexual fire you have lost at an even higher level.


No matter what your current sexual experience is right now, we will walk you through the secrets of spicing up your sex life so you can be happy again. In a short time, you will find yourself in the throes of passion like never before.



Revive your sexual life now

Rediscover what works for you in your sex life:

Life moves your cheese, even in bed. It may feel uncomfortable to question your assumptions about what pleases you sexually. Still, it’s something you need to do significantly to help your mate understand how to satisfy you in bed. Have your fantasies changed? Is there something that used to turn you on even to the point of orgasm, that you’ve tired of because your needs have changed? Then make a mental note of them and discover what you now want. If you have a new craving, then find out and please yourself the best way you can.


Explore your body again:

sex lifeOur bodies have erogenous zones for a reason and that is strictly sexual pleasure. Since the adventure is a buildup, you would want to find out which places getting touched turns you on the most. Of course, these hotspots change throughout life but you may never go wrong trying certain areas. For example, many women necks are sensitive to loving kissing and licking as they are to being sucked and nibbled on the ear lobe. Followed by some delicious tongue action along the curves and the insides of the ear.

It may interest you to learn of secret spots that await discovery and can escalate sexual arousal in her. You’re setting some tongue-licking bed delight in motion by lending a loving touch to breast undersides which could be exceptionally sensitive. If you can believe it, the ribs will also turn her on provided you don’t tickle her. For a number of women, the lower spine base does not get touched much. So a touch down there will evoke some sweet shivers that can warm her up for some sexual excitement that leads to more.


Try out a new sex position in your sex life:

If you feel locked out of a treasure room of erotic fun and killing g-spot pleasure, the internet can get you even better ideas! Consider getting online and searching out the newest sex positions that will unleash a world of valuable ideas. From doggy style to cow girl, the different variants of 69 and the classic missionary. The list of sex positions is endless. It’s all about being creative and many online sources are waiting, more than eager to help you get creative in bed.


Reveal some of your fantasies:

There’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to your sexual fantasies. So if you love yoni massage to cumming on your partner’s face and working out together while naked, to orgasm denial, and having sex in a lake or ocean, say it already. It’s already in your creative thinking! So spice up your sex life.


Use a new type of sex toy to spice up your sex life:

You may be used to realistic, finger, bullet, traditional, modern and, bullet types of the same vibrator when there’s an unexplored world of other sex toys to check out. Dive into new dimensions of pleasure with cock rings, clitoral suckers, and others quickly.

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