5 Steps to Improve your Foreplay Game


5 Steps to Improve your Foreplay Game

 Regardless of who you share your bed with, foreplay is a key part of sex. It leads to more orgasms, longer sex, more exciting and varied intercourse. While there are indeed situations where it is missed intentionally, most of the time we don’t put enough emphasis on it. Here are some tips on how to make foreplay more pleasurable and take your partner to the realm of wonder.   foreplay blogWhat is foreplay anyway?  


Before we get to the tips, let’s look at what exactly foreplay is and why it’s so important. Your partner (whether casual or spousal) and you have a certain vibe – you find each other sexually attractive. Although partners in movies often fall for each other without foreplay, in reality, it’s much more effective if you first become attuned to each other.   Little caresses, a warm embrace, a kiss – all this can not only lead up to intercourse but also make it wonderful. A few benefits of foreplay:  

  • More confident erection
  • A wetter vagina
  • Longer, more exciting intercourse
  • You find it easier to block out the stress of everyday life and focus only on each other
  • You get to know each other’s bodies better


Tip #1 – Take your time!  

There is no upper or lower limit to foreplay: take as much time as you both need to relax and focus only on yourselves. If 5 minutes is enough in the heat of the moment, that’s not a problem. Nor is an hour and a half for an exciting massage. Try taking a hot soapy shower together. It can heat things up quickly. 


Tip #2 – Prepare the scene!  

Even in a one-night stand (and especially in a marriage), decorating the environment for your partner to enjoy can be a winning strategy. Use candles, set the temperature, and put on some nice music! This environment alone will relax your partner and help you both forget about your every day worries.


Tip #3 – Massage  

sexual wellnessA nice massage can be a classic prelude to good sex. But to make it successful, you need to consider some factors. This isn’t the place for a sports massage, so you don’t need to massage every muscle. Focus on making it a pleasurable experience for your partner. Use suitable massage oils and lotions that give the skin a pleasant feel and can be used later as lubricants. Work your way up from the soles of the feet and finally back to the center. This will prepare you and your partner for oral pleasures.


Tip #4 – Toys  

There’s a reason why the name of the foreplay has the word “playful.” A sexy board game or even an exciting roll of the dice can get you in the mood. If you want to go even further, use a vibrator to sensually caress your partner. Feel free to be creative, it will be a very special experience for both of you.


Tip #5 – Dressing up and role play  

Not necessarily part of the classic foreplay game, but who cares about tradition?! Choose some hot lingerie for yourself or your partner and seduce each other. If you both feel like it, you can make up a story, use costumes, and act it out. Some ideas that will take you out of the circle of doctors and policemen:  

  • Unknown businessmen meet at a conference
  • A veteran soldier returning from war
  • Anime characters from your favorite animated series
  • Vampire and his victim

  Whether planned in advance or spontaneous, good foreplay makes for an exciting evening. And if you want to spice up your evening with sex toys, lingerie, and massage oils, check out our online store.

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