5 Sex Toys for Every Woman


The five different sex toys for solo play that every woman needs to try

If you’re tired of having to work yourself up to an orgasm with the same lacklustre vibrator you’ve had
for years… it’s time for a change girl!
But with so many options for female pleasure available, where should you begin?

 The Trusty Rabbit Sex Toys
sex toysThis one is a must for every woman, especially if they love clitoral stimulation and penetration
at the same time… wowee!
But there’s far more to choosing your rabbit than how it looks or its size, with many bunny’s
offering a whole host of other features.

So, if you’ve already acquainted yourself with a standard rabbit vibrator, why not try a
thrusting bunny? Our Remote Control Thrusting Rabbit will simulate that thrust better than
the real thing!
Or if you’re hoping to hit that G-spot then our A&E G-gasm Rabbit will sort you out in no
time at all.
Alternatively, try the Rabbit Pearl Waterproof Deluxe Rotating Wall Bangers which you can
stick to a wall, floor, or bath, and bang until your heart’s content.

Clitoral Suction Sex Toys
My oh my, if you’ve not tried a clit sucking toy yet then you’re in for a treat.
That licking sensation that was once only possible to achieve with a partner, is now ready and
waiting for you at any time of day or night in your bedside drawer.
It’s no wonder that our best-seller, Inya The Rose, continues to thrill every customer who
purchases it.

 Pump that Pussy Sex Toys

Pussy pumps are usually thought of as a bondage-only affair, but that shouldn’t be the case andsex toys
there’s no reason not to enjoy them alone.
Arousing every inch of your labia and clitoris the suction of the pussy pump (sometimes
combined with vibration) will make you feel your absolute horniest due to the increased blood
So grab yourself a Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump or a Fetish Fantasy Vibrating
Clit Super Suck-Her and get pumping.
Once you’re feeling that increased sensitivity it’s time to whip out your favorite dildo…

There’s nothing more classic than a realistic penis-shaped dildo, and there are many, many, sizes
and shapes to choose from.
The lifelike qualities of a BioSkin Thermoplastic Rubber dildo make it the favorite for many,
often used alongside a vibrator or wand.
So if you’re looking to be filled all the way, why not try out a Home Grown 9 Inch Bioskin
Dildo, you won’t be disappointed.

A Magic Wand
sex toysWhen you’re hoping to experience multiple orgasms in a matter of minutes then massager
wands are the way to go.
The powerful vibrations of wands offer a totally different level of sensation than standard
vibrators, which can be incredibly intense for new-cumers.
So, if you’re looking to enter another dimension of pleasure, try out the cordless Magic Wand
Rechargeable Massager.

Alternatively, try the A&E Magic Massager for deep, satisfying vibrations at both low and high
speeds that will have you orgasming time and time again.

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