5 Crazy Edible Lubes Lollipop Tasting


5 Crazy Edible Lubes Lollipop Tasting



Discover a more delicious way to give head with 5 edible lubes designed to make them taste like a lollipop. Whether you want to try something new in the bedroom or surprise your partner with a delicious excuse to get down and dirty, let us introduce you to five of our favorite edible lubes. From mouth-watering watermelon to help get them soaking wet, to exploding oral sex candy. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can thank us later!


 Watermelon Splash by Sex Tarts


For an instant taste of summer, choose Sex Tarts Watermelon Splash edible lube for a lickable lube that doesn’t stain. Made in the USA, Sex Tarts Lubricants come in a handy tube with a flip-top cap for easy application. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re both in the mood, but can’t get the lube out quick enough! So get fruity and free with a splash of summer whether you’re at home, overseas or on the go!



 Fruitopia Mango Flavored Lubes


mangoExperience a burst in your mouth, no, not that…yet! We’re talking about Fruitopia’s mango-flavored lube! Water-based, latex-friendly and vegan, choose an edible lube that tastes as though you have just bitten into a juicy mango. Made from natural ingredients, would it count as one of your five a day? Wishful thinking, but it is fresh, fruity and stimulating!



 Explosive Oral Popping Candy


Well, this one is a bit of a wild card! Although it’s not exactly edible lube, this product is so unique we had to mention it! Combine your sweet tooth with some quality time together and surprise them with fizzing, popping and exploding oral candy. Specially designed for down there, sprinkle some of these babies in your mouth and get ready to impress! Available in three yummy flavors, strawberry, cherry and apple, BJ Blast has transformed the entire concept of oral sex, and we’re here for it!


  Warming Edible Lubes In Caramel


carmel appleSince it’s fall already, why not welcome the new season with an edible lube that actually tastes like a caramel apple. An innovative lube from Sizzle Lips, as you blow on the lubricant gel it will begin to warm up. This makes it perfect for stimulation, massage or oral sex. Safe to use with latex and with no aftertaste, surprise your partner with a warm and delicious lube.



 Mystical Mint Flavored Lubes


If you’re a fan of mint chocolate or even mint ice cream, we’ve got just the thing to make oral sex more delicious for you! Goodhead Oral Delight Gel comes in five flavors, from Wild Cherry to Mystical Mint, which allows you can get creative in the bedroom and make each time you go down a new taste sensation. Squirt some around their thighs and lick it up. Then they can return the favor! Add a blindfold and turn oral sex into a playful taste test! If they guess the right flavor, we’re sure you can think of a way to reward them!


Doesn’t it sound amazing

With all that in mind now doesn’t flavored lube sound amazing because we defiantly do! Just image your self getting ready to down down on your sexual partner and all you can think is how amazing the taste of it is going to be with one of you favorite flavored lube. With so many to choose from and these only being 5 out of the tons of flavored lubes on the market. Makes you just wanna get some now and go down on your partner all night all for how tasty the flavored lube is going to be.



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