3 Safe Butt Plug Tails!


3 Safe Butt Plug Tails!

The Butt Plug itself.

You’ve probably heard of a butt plug before, or maybe even used one, butt if you have not then read up on 8 big steps on how to use butt plugs. But for those you haven’t or don’t know much to about them let’s first explain them so everyone understand what they are and how simple they are to use. A butt plug is a small rounded off cone shaped item with a flared end to stop it from traveling to far into the rectum. They are used to increase sexual intensity and pleasure in the anus.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The most common material is latex. They are also made of wood, glass, silicone, neoprene, wood or stone. All types can give a different sensation. Its worth trying out a few different ones before picking a favorite.

The Butt Plug Tail.

Everything the butt plug has to offer the butt plug tail has to offer to with some added benefits. The main idea around having a tail on your butt plug would be for role play. So if your into fantasy role playing then maybe giving a butt plug tail a try might just be your thing. Some role playing with them consist of Unicorn play which a lot of Unicorns like to do.

What is a unicorn you ask? Check this article for a more in depth explanation. The Magical Rare Unicorn. Some other role plays are fox play, bunny play and a little horsy play. While some just like the feeling of having a tail and some just enjoy the extra sexual tension of having a butt plug tail in.

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Bunny Tails.

Having a bunny tail sounds fun right. Well why not make your fantasy come to life. It is possible! Talk to your partner and see if they would like to try some bunny play. I’m sure they will want to watch you hop around the room like a cute little bunny. Most people find it to be a huge turn on having their partner with a cute little bunny tail. Fantasy and reality all together with one little fluffy tail.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Take a look at this tapered silicone bunny butt plug with a soft, fluffy bunny’s tail made with polyester hair that is easily cleaned with soap and warm water.


Unicorn Tails.

Unicorn tails are most popular for magical rare unicorns. In the world of swingers, night standers, and those that love to experience new and exciting sexual encounters, know a Magical rare unicorn is someone that joins in on a relationship for a third wheel position. When one is a Unicorn they always love to have the unicorn butt plug tail with them because it brings the scene to life for the maximum realism of having a unicorn in your sexual encounter.

Unicorn Tail Butt Plug

Made of body-safe and silky-smooth silicone, Unicorn Tails feature a tapered butt plug with an alluring, long and flowing pony tail, guaranteed to inspire role play. Perfect for kinky cosplay with a partner or to ride alone into the sunset. Polyester hair easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Fox Tails.

The fox tailed butt plugs are mainly used for role playing with other animals like pups and kittens. If you know about the events and gatherings already, then you should know foxes get invited to those as well. Since a fox is so close to the pup and kitten families. The difference between foxes and pups and kittens is the fox is primally there freedom of being so wild but yet being able to be domesticated at times. Having some fun pet play sexual encounters with a fox or even being one yourself will surly increase your sex drive.

Rainbow Fur Fox Tail Butt Plug With Stainless Steel

This Stainless steel butt plug features a rainbow fur tail. Plug is super smooth and perfectly contoured for easy comfortable entry.

It really doesn’t matter which plug you decide on, they all will bring great fun and extra sex play to your life. Try one or try them all, you won’t be disappointed. Butt plugs increase your sexual pleasure so why not add a tail and some color.

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