2022 Best Answer To What are Anal Hooks?

anal hooks

2022 Best Answer To- What are Anal Hooks?

anal hook

What are Anal Hooks? And what do you do with it?

For the most part, when you take a look at these sleek steel anal hooks you would think they would be used for fishing. Catching a really big fish. But nope, these pleasure hooks are for some serious BDSM playtime. The anal hook is for making your submissive stay perfectly still all while giving them pleasure and pain.

The end of these steel hooks has some sort or steel ball or balls. Some even have a swirl on the end. The balls apply pressure to the p-spot or the g-spot, depending on where you insert it. There are anal hooks that have changeable balls for the end. It is always best to start with the smallest sized one and move up in size as you become accustom to your toy.

You Need Proper Lube

lube shooterBefore inserting the hook into your anus, make sure you’re using some long lasting lube. A silicone based lube it much better for anal play as it doesn’t dry up as quick as a water based one. Using a lube launcher can be beneficial for this BDSM toy. Because the anal hook is made from steel, it is not recommended to use an anal desensitizing lube.

This is one toy you need to feel pain with. You need to feel all the pain and pleasure with this toy. Because steel doesn’t move or bend, once inserted your sub will stay put. Certain movement can cause pinching which is why they won’t move. Giving you undeniable control.

The Other Side of Anal Hooks

The other side of the hook has a small circular hole in it. You can put your finger in the hole to move the hook around in your partners ass. But most commonly this loop is used to add control by tying it to something. This gives you the opportunity to attach a chain, rope or string to it for more control.

It’s quite common to use Shibari or Kinbaku Japanese rope. Attach a chain to a collar and yourkinbaku rope sub is completely at your mercy. You can also attach it to tied wrists or ankles. Rendering your “bottom” to stay in whatever position you have them in. For the truly kinky play, try attaching it to ponytails or body piercings.

And of Course, Insertion

But before you try any of these anal hook methods, you probably should know how to insert them first. For first time users, taking your time is important. You do not want to injure yourself. You can absolutely put it in by yourself. Relaxing is the first step. Find a position you are comfortable in, like laying on your stomach or on all fours.

This is when you need the lube. And don’t be shy with it. Then you can slowly start to insert the metal ball or swirl into the anus. It will feel cold and quite hard. But it is not going to give you the same sensation of “full” as a butt plug or dildo. Once you let that settle, you can continue on to playtime. If you are not ready to do it on your own, let your partner help. Try spreading your bum cheeks a little for them so they can insert the hook with ease. And again, let playtime commence.

Always Have Fun

I find that the anal hook is a toy for more advanced BDSM players. Those that have the stamina to “stay put” in any position. But don’t let that stop you from trying one. Everyone has to start somewhere. So start slow, don’t forget the lube and play nice….or maybe naughty.

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