101(Sex Toys) & How To Clean


101(Sex Toys) & How To Clean


Are you looking for reliable information on how to clean sex toys? Most people toss them back into their drawer after the post-climax bliss. Cleaning your pleasure toys may be the last thing on your mind after a job well done. However, not taking the time to clean and store them properly could mess with your health. Using unclean sex toys can introduce bacterial to your body and possibly cause infections.


There is also the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. So you should thoroughly clean your toys after sharing them with your partners. Additionally, you can get pregnant if you don’t clean a sex toy with sperm on it.


When should I clean my (toys)?

https://d1o1wlqwda3y1b.cloudfront.net/NAL/CNVNAL-3823556314221171a4.jpgCleaning your sex toys before or immediately after use may seem excessive. However, taking adequate precautions is not too much when it comes to your health. Experts recommend that you clean your toys right after use. If you share them with your partners, you should clean them before and after sharing.


The first thing to do: Figure out what your (sex toys) are made of:

It is crucial that you know the materials your toys are made of. This info will help you determine how to clean them without damaging their shelf life. You can find this information on the products’ packaging, instruction booklet, or manufacturer’s website.


Generally, these materials are categorized as porous and nonporous. Porous materials include hard plastic, leather, fabric, and rubber. On the other hand, nonporous materials include glass, metal, and silicone.


How to clean (toys) made of porous materials

Porous materials are more difficult to clean than nonporous materials. They have holes that can harbor bacterial even after cleaning them. If you own a rubber or nylon sex toy, you can clean them using a mild anti-bacterial soap.


The best way to clean toys made of leather is by wiping them with a soapy cloth or leather cleaner. Do lot soak these products in water. After cleaning, you can recondition them by using a leather conditioner. Additionally, you can clean Cyberskin materials, often used for dildos, by washing them delicately with water only.


How to clean nonporous materials

You can clean most sex toys made with porous materials by washing them with liquid soap and water. Toy cleanershttps://d1o1wlqwda3y1b.cloudfront.net/NAL/CNVNAL-3484256313da7a1ecf.jpg can also do these tasks effectively and get your toys sparkling clean in a few minutes. If your toy has an electrical component, you should avoid submerging this part in water.


In addition, you can boil some toys made of silicon or stainless to kill disease-causing organisms like bacteria. You can even run these materials through a dishwasher. However, do not boil or expose toys made of glass or hard plastic to extreme temperature. Also, boiling silicon vibrators can damage the vibrator mechanism.


Should I use condoms with my (adult toys)?

https://d1o1wlqwda3y1b.cloudfront.net/NAL/CNVNAL-1684456312f2401bcc.jpgThere are a few situations that warrant the use of condoms with sex toys even after cleaning them. First, you should consider using condoms if you share the toys with other people. This can help you prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Second, experts recommend using condoms with porous materials because they can harbor bacteria even after cleaning them. Furthermore, you can use a condom if your toys are made of rubber and you don’t trust its composition.

How to store your (sex toys)?

Caring for your sex toys doesn’t end with knowing how to clean them. Just like you won’t throw your toothbrush or retainer around, you should also treat your sex toys with some respect. Air-dry the toys after cleaning and store them in a hygienic place. You can store your toys safely in a lint-free fabric bag, nonplastic container, or sex storage container.


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