10 Sex Toys & Long Distance Love


o face[Sex Toys] & Long Distance Relationship


[1] (Sex Toys) To Make Long Distance Love Easier

If you’ve heard the phrase, ‘you can’t always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need,’ this applies to you. Long-distance love can leave even the most dedicated of couples feeling lonely and sexually frustrated. Sexting and phone sex can only do so much. Porn too, offers a quick fix but is likely to heighten the longing. The fact is, without a romantic partner, things can get boring and stilted quite fast.

Don’t worry, it’s not as desperate as it sounds. Technology and some wonderfully inventive minds, have shrunk the miles between you and your partner. Gettin’ off together while being apart never felt so good.


[2] (Sex)tech is here!

While your partner may not be able to physically touch you, they can still touch you virtually. Or you can touchwifi sex toys yourself with the help of sex toys and props to help keep things spicy. From Bluetooth-enabled sextech to vibrating panties and apps that’ll have you clutching your phone in ecstasy. A Pandora’s box of pleasure awaits. If you don’t have WiFi, or the latest iPhone, no worries. There are also a slew of sex toys that don’t require an app. A little imagination and some role play from a willing participant will get you where you want to go.


[3] (Teledildonics) is a thing

Tried and tested wand vibrators, masturbation sleeves and clitoral suction vibrators can take you places that your own hand cannot. But if you’re looking for something physical and tactile that attempts to replicate the real thing, you might want to get familiar with the word “Teledildonics”.

rabbit vibratorThat’s right! It’s a thing. It refers to internet-connected sex toys that allow a user to control their partner’s pleasure quota via an app. How about a rabbit vibrator with a rotating head, flexible arm, 3 power levels, and four vibration patterns. You can either play around with it yourself or give a private show via video chat or let your partner take the driving seat. Warning — after seeing what this bad boy can do, your other half might feel a little intimidated!


If that’s the case there are always the more conventional sex toys such as, dildos and butt plugs or wearable props like vibrating nipple clamps that can still get you fired up without blasting you into outer space. And if you wanna bring sexy back, how about going old school and slipping on some lingerie to get your partner in the mood? Once you’ve finished with the foreplay, get to fiveplay with a prostate massager or stroker while you whisper sweet nothings…or not so sweet somethings to one another.


[4] The (pleasure) principle

Great sex often hinges on the unexpected. New gadgets such as a wearable, hands-free couples vibrator thatsex toys curves to the user’s shape can bring waves of pleasure when worn internally and externally. Your partner can control your rocket boosts as it pairs with a phone app. And it’s also versatile enough to be worn when distance is no longer an issue you finally get together during intercourse.

There are also the wonderfully fun vibrating panties. These contain a discreet micro bullet that will set your get your heart (and other areas) all aflutter. A quick pleasure pulse will let you know someone’s thinking of you as you go about your day. Warning, only wear these in the privacy of your own home, otherwise, someone might call 911!

Not to be outdone, partners with a penis can have some fun too. Male masturbator sleeves can be used solo or with a paramour’s finger on the trigger, providing the vagina-like contractions via software.


[5] (Board games) that wont keep you bored

sex toysThere’s no need to roll the dice (or choke the chicken or squeeze the snake or whatever euphemism you use for masturbation) when rolling some real dice could get the same result with a lot more fun. Forget Monopoly! Erotic board games will make you long to stay home. After all, no other board game instructs your partner to take their clothes off and gives you an orgasm! They can be a lot of fun to play long-distance as you’ll have no idea where a roll of the dice will land you.

[6] Summary

Of course, sex toys and games won’t take place of the real thing. Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of “She Comes First”, a New York-based sex therapist, put things in perspective when telling prevention.com, “The toys provide the friction, pressure, vibration, and penetration,” he said, “and your mind provides the erotic heat.”


Nothing heats up the imagination and eroticism like being away from a partner. If you’re walking around in a funk of frustration with one thing on your mind, a sex toy, a good WiFi signal, and a fully charged phone might not give you what you want. But it’ll give you what you need.

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