A MUST Read Before Having Your Next Orgasm.



#1: Make the PC Sexy Strong (Pelvic Muscle)

If you know about doing Kegel exercises, and aren’t doing them, then lets talk about the importance of what they can really do for you and how they can help your next orgasm. Kegels greatly increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscle. Strengthening the PC is one of the best ways to have a strong intense orgasm. I’m sure you’re asking, why will it do this for me and we will get to that. But first, lets talk about why Kegels matter when it comes to orgasms’ or even other factors like a healthy bladder or even your bowl movements.

Why they matter. These are the things to consider when deciding if you should do Kegels. Is it to have better orgasms or to just help your pelvic floor muscle? (PC) Have any of these issues occurred during your lifetime? If so, your PC may have been weakened. Having an overactive bladder, surgery of any kind, choric coughing, being overweight, pregnancy/childbirth, diabetes, and or removal of ones prostate.

Ways to tell if your Pelvic Floor Muscle could use some Strengthening

  • Sudden urge to urinate just be for losing large amount of urine (urinary urge incontinence)
  • Dribble after urination – usually after you’ve left the restroom
  • Leak small amounts of urine while coughing, sneezing, or laughing
  • Urinary or Fecal incontinence(Involuntary loss of large or small amounts of urine)pelvic floor

You might ask what is the PC (Pelvic Floor Muscle) so lets explain. It is a group of muscles that extend from the front of the pelvis to the back at the coccyx. The shape of the muscle is somewhat of a hammock that doesn’t hold people but holds in your organs. The organs it holds is your bladder, rectum, uterus, and some small intestines.

So adding Pelvic floor exercises to your daily routine will greatly improve all of these issues. With the added bonus of making your orgasms much more intense. And who doesn’t want a toe curling orgasm?!

#2: Orgasms with Sounds, Breathing, & Movements

When aiming to achieve maximum orgasm or even orgasm through out a day, the 3 biggest and most import things to know are the sounds you makes, how you regulate your breathing, and the movements you make. Since all 3 of these things are required in any sexual encounter whether it be with a partner or solo, it’s best to learn the top techniques in order to orgasm anywhere at anytime. When we say anywhere and anytime we truly do mean that. Once you take the time to understand how to control the big 3, you’ll know how to have orgasms not only in the bedroom but while your dancing, on the train, waiting for your food to be cooked, meditating, and anywhere else you possibly can imagine. So lets break it down for you.

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During sex, and when its good sex some will moan or pant. These kinds of sounds can act as a way to increase ones orgasm. Moaning for some and panting for others is a good indication your partner is doing a good job, but also the sound you make helps with your own orgasms. It is almost like telling yourself your having a good time and enjoying yourself. You can also do this while masturbating by yourself. The sound of moaning or panting will help tell your brain things are getting heated up and you will most likely start to enjoy yourself even more. Bringing the realistic sound to masturbation is a great way to bring you up to climax, and this is something you can do anywhere because even subtle sounds can have great results.

Just breathing can be more then enough to really increase and intensify ones orgasm. But how you ask? Simple the human brain and body needs oxygen in order to function. So when it comes to having an orgasm staying relaxed and adding some proper breathing methods could and will increase your orgasms’ like never before. First you’ll want to take deep breaths inhale for as long as you can and then exhale until your body is in a relaxed state of mind. You can practice this anywhere at anytime since this also helps with any daily activities you may be doing. Once your body and mind are relaxed, you are ready for the next steps. In order to bring yourself to orgasm, start breathing much faster and avoid any pauses between breaths. The first part of relaxing your body and mind will get you in the right space to be able to climax, while the second step with increase your oxygen levels and blood flow and in return your body will want to bring itself to maximum levels of orgasm.

When it comes to movement in the bedroom or even anywhere for that matter it really depends on the person and what kind of movement they like. Some will have better orgasm from thrusting while others could come to maximum climax from shaking their butt or twirling around. Another great way to use movement to help with better orgasm is exercise, and studies found people that exercised seemed to be aroused while exercising and some to even orgasm while exercising. Hypothesis is that both orgasms and exercise go hand in hand because of the increased heart rate, heavy breathing, and blood pressure though out the body.

Try adding all three of these to your sex life and bring out that back arching orgasms today.

#3: Fantasizing about Orgasms or Orgasm Fantasies?


Everyone has had some sort of fantasy before whether, it be about running away to live on a remote island drinking pina coladas or even throwing your paper work in the air at the office to say you quit. Some of these fantasy’s we may have, we won’t take much action on. But some might still and for those willing to take action on their fantasies from time to time then we strongly recommend taking action on your sexual fantasies. Some fantasies you may be having now may include: outdoor sex, threesome sex, BDSM sex, and even as simple a just new positions. Whatever it may be, taking action on your fantasies will surely help you orgasm like never before.

Have you ever been somewhere secluded and wanted to know what it would be like to have sex there? Well next time you find a spot or even know of one, now might be a good time to bring it up with your partner or even just go yourself. Places like a extremally secluded area of a beach or deep in the woods can be some amazing spot to go. The high risk of getting caught is what might bring us to have this fantasy, but we must remember to be appropriate about it and not get caught because you wouldn’t want the police to show up. Bringing your adventurous fantasy to life and having the dangers of being caught is surely to bring you to have an orgasm you’ve never experienced before.

Most likely one of the most common fantasies people have is threesomes. Lots of people around the world fantasize about having a threesome. It seems to be pretty simple because in fact it can be. Having one can surely be a great way to bring your orgasm to the next level. Some find it to be extremally empowering to be able to take control of an extra partner in the bedroom. While some others love to have threesomes to have their sexual needs met in ways they haven’t before. For others, it can build some deeper bonds with each other and this can happen when all 3 parties discuss before hand on what they would like to have happen. We do strongly recommend having a talk before just jumping into bed with a third party.

BDSM. For those that don’t know, this stands for bondage, discipline/domination, sadism, and masochism. If your really looking to bring your next orgasm to the fullest pick up some restraints and a blindfold. Being tied down and unable to see can really bring some mystery into your life. While being immobile and your eyes covered to see what your partner is going to do brings endless possibilities of how they will pleases you. Image yourself cuffed to your headboard and your ankles tied to the bed post while completely blinded. The way your partner could sub duce you from having no control on how much they vibrate your body or spank your buttocks to running ice down your body to give you some extra chill.

#4: Unlimited Orgasms for Ever Lasting Sex with Tahn-tra (Tantric Sex)


If your looking to connect with someone on a spiritual level then consider learning more about tantra and its ancient spiritual ways to make you orgasm without having to have physical contact inside your partner. Tantric sex lets you access in depth levels of energy you may have never experienced before, feelings that have never been felt before, and extreme sensations. ultimately if focused and fully engaged with Tantra you’ll learn more about who you really are. Since Tantra is Buddhist mystical term from the 7th century or earlier it is believed to be one of the most intimate ways to connect with your loved one.

Your probably wondering how this can be done right? Slow down, speed up, slow down focus on what your doing with your partner. Tantra sessions focus primarily on the energy of movements between two bodies. During this you will want to take the time to connect with your partner before just rushing into sex. Take your time to feel each others bodies by thrusting each other slowly and then speeding things up and then slowly again. Once your in tune with your partner you can then move onto sex but you will want to keep with the slow pace then fast pace then slow again not to orgasms thus building the tension of an ultimate orgasm. In doing this you can have sex for hours and the excitement of the experience will only keep building.

Taking your time and learning this ancient Buddhist method of sex is one of the greatest ways to change your routine of sex and get out of a possible rut of regular sex habits most have. Tantric sex with surly freshen up your sex life with completely new beginnings and super intense endings of never experienced before orgasm. It will redefine your your sex life from just trying to get off too some of the most powerful orgasms one can experience in their life time. The spiritual level tantric sex has the power of long lasting orgasm, multiple orgasms for all genders, and even non-ejaculatory orgasm that will put you in a deep state of connection with your partner.

#5: The Simple Sex Toys to increase ORGASMS

The most simple way to increase your orgasms is the power of sex toys. Most will think just getting a vibrator is enough to change how they orgasm, but in fact, there is many more toys out there to bring your sex life to the next level. Toys range from dildos to pocket pussies all the way too blind folds, whips and cock rings, and so much more. Using sex toys like vibrators or pocket pussies are a great place to start when trying to increase your orgasms. The simplicity of the toys make it easy to use them and easy to increase ones orgasms. Using such toys is very common and holds a lot of power to ones orgasm when engaging in sexual activities. When using other types of toys like handcuffs, spreader bars, and even butt plugs these kinds of toys will surly spice up your sex life.


Using things like handcuffs increase orgasm by not giving you or your partner much or any control on how they please you or you please them. While using toys like blindfolds can really bring some mystery to your bedroom. By not being able to see each other, you will have to connect on a much higher level of intimacy by using your other senses. Like touching and hearing to work with your partner. Other amazing sex toys like butt plugs and cock rings bring a whole new level of orgasms to your sex life. Having a butt plug in will bring some extremally pleasurable sensation to your rectum while having a cock ring on will help delay ones orgasms and help to build to its maximum potential.

Trying any of these tips will greatly improve your orgasms. So why not do them all.  Make these 5 big secrets to increase orgasms not so secret. Have that toe curling, back arching orgasm today.